5 Tips to Boost your Tabletop RPG on Social Media


So, here are some free tips and a subtle (not subtle) way to advertise my coaching services!

1.) Brand Synergy

Use the same name (your product) on everything. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram should all have the same name or close to it. Why? Because Google LOVES to clump stuff together. If your random Twitter posts pops off, then it'll raise just about everything associated with it.

Your goal is to make your product a KEYWORD.

Google Swordsfall sometime. You'll see what I'm saying. This is important because no matter how many times you tell people the site address... they WILL type it in their google bar.

You want to capitalize on this. Never underestimate the weird ways people will hear about you.

Notice how you see Swordsfall everyone on the profile?

2.) LIVE on Social Media

It's not enough to post occasionally. Post OFTEN. Anything related to your brand/product. Twitter ranks link post lower than text, picture or video. This is why link posts get no traction. It takes a while for it to like your links.

Interact with your followers. Even if it's a smiley face back, respond. For one it builds an audience. I know some of my top fans by name. They are my biggest advocates, you need that.

Also, once again it bumps up your visibility on Twitter.

3.) Suck It Up and Buy Facebook Ads

Sorry, I know people hate this, but this shit works. It hella works. You don't have to spend a lot either. $20 worth of ad, targeted correctly, can do WONDERS. Here's the key though, don't just throw a random ad out there. No no. Instead what you do is see which Facebook posts make some traction.

Then take note why. Is it the picture? Headline? These things matter because Facebook actually wants your ad to succeed. You get lower rates when your ad is clicked/seen/engaged more. FB wants its users to be happy and get stuff they like. So, if your ad is one of those, FB will charge you less, and it'll show up more.

Plus, if it's a good ad, people will SHARE IT. That's free advertisement.

4.) Talk About Your Stuff

Seriously. I click on a lot of profiles and see little talk/links about their work. I can't buy what I don't see. I can't click what's not there. Talk about your stuff. Once a day, every day.

And don't be afraid to repeat yourself. You'll be surprised how many people will miss the first or third time. I'll post the same thing up to 6 times (I have a content rotation schedule), and still get new people liking/sharing/clicking.

5.) Brand Your Social Media

PLEASE. Your title should be related to your product. Your banner should be the product. Your profile should have a link to your product, website, Patreon. Your stickied post SHOULD BE ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT.

People will click on your profile to see who you are. We e-stalk, it's real.

So when they do so, they'll instantly get a feel for your thing. They'll see the banner, title, profile and sticky all at once. And no matter where they look, it’s your thing.

Boom, 5 random tips!

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