The Killer Krew Commanders


Nubia's Personal Krew and Trusted Friends

So look what T'umo cooked up, a nice little composite image of the members of Nubia's personal squad, the Killer Krew!

I love the background colors! It really highlights how dynamic each of them are. And also gives you a sense of the kind of company Nubia keeps.


Being the head of the largest pirate organization of the seas doesn’t mean you can just lounge while others work. For the Captain of Heaven’s Fall, the cryptic Nubia, the best way to stay grounded is to get your hands dirty. When she was a young girl and just a cog in Heaven’s Fall ship cleaning crew, she had heard countless stories of pillaging and robbing. Whether it be by land or by sea. The most thrilling parts of piracy. When she ascended to the pirate throne, she had her hands full with resurrecting the ailing organization. Now with the group of cutthroats more powerful than ever, the leader of chaos was free to seek her own goals. To handle these personal, secretive jobs she needed a small but trustworthy crew. Living as the boss had its own set of difficulties when it came to trust, so the shrewd woman combed her fleet for killers she could count on when her the stakes were high.

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