• Ishvana, the Creator Goddess

    Ishvana, the Creator Goddess

    The Creator of Tikor The full-body illustration of Ishvana is done and it's amazing! I just love all the little detail like the galaxy in her wings. It really fits my idea of a Divine Entity From Patreon And she is done! The great Divine Entity, Ishvana is complete! Oh boy, was it work the wait! Tumo just destroyed this one. From the way...
  • Ishvana Cover Illustration Sheet

    Ishvana Cover Illustration Sheet

    Three Dreams The next step for the Ishvana Illustration is figuring out which option works best for the cover of Drift of Dreams. Art for covers, especially graphic novels, have there own special rules. You always want to go with an image that has motion or emotion. With Ishvana I wanted to do both, so these are the options Tumo Mere came up with!...
  • Ishvana: Illustration Sheet 1

    Ishvana: Illustration Sheet 1

    Options for Creation Our Lead Artist Tumo Mere has worked out a few different concepts for the Ishvana Illustration. I always love getting these sheets because its fun to think of all the possibilities! Even if we don't use a cell, it still remains a future option! From Patreon T'umo cooked up a bit of an illustration sheet to show off Ishvana in action....
  • Ishvana Front and Back Concept

    Ishvana Front and Back Concept

    The Goddess Comes Into View Tumo Mere continues on his trek to design the Creation Goddess, Ishvana! In this Patreon Exclusive, you can check out the black and white concept! For Ishvana we really wanted to show just how DIFFERENT she is. I think when you see the front and back and you can see how unique she is. Head to the Patreon for...
  • Ishvana Final Face: Color Options

    Ishvana Final Face: Color Options

    The Deity of Creation, in Color Now that you've seen the final face, what about colors? Well, Tumo Mere came up with a number of different options. I love thinking about the bold colors she can be because deities should be bold. I really wanted to play with color on her and Tumo nailed it. From Patreon Not only is the face of Ishvana...
  • Ishvana Final Face Concept

    Ishvana Final Face Concept

    The Face of a Supreme Goddess Tumo Mere has narrowed down the face concept to a final concept and it's just AWESOME. One of the things I wanted to nail with this concept was a gentle yet strong vibe. Her look is based on Octavia Butler, a true legend in the sci-fi world. It seemed fitting to base this off of her. From Patreon The design...
  • Ishvana Concept Sheet #2

    Ishvana Concept Sheet #2

    The Creation of the Creation Goddess Continues Today we have another design concept sheet from Tumo for the divine entity, Ishvana! The variation between all the options are so awesome. It really pushed me to think about what she should look like. From Patreon The progression toward the construction of the Creation Goddess, Ishvana, is almost complete! I'm a big fan of A1, A3...
  • Ishvana Concept Sketches

    Ishvana Concept Sketches

    The Goddess of Creation Awakens At first, there was nothing, then Ishvana created it. Created Tikor. The process toward creating the God that started it all is here! The masterful T'umo Mere has started work on creating the concept for Ishvana! I'm really going with an "otherworldly" vibe for the Goddess. From Patreon: Some SUPER early concept sketches of Ishvana. T'umo is just playing...
  • Killer Krew - A Backview

    Killer Krew - A Backview

    The Full View While the illustrations for the Killer Krew may be finished, we aren't quite done yet. One of the things I want to support when it comes to Swordsfall is cosplay. And to do that requires a total 360 view of the characters. This is the first step toward that! Eventually, we'll be doing full-on cosplay sheets. Who are the Killer Krew?...
  • The Killer Krew Commanders

    The Killer Krew Commanders

    Nubia's Personal Krew and Trusted Friends So look what T'umo cooked up, a nice little composite image of the members of Nubia's personal squad, the Killer Krew! I love the background colors! It really highlights how dynamic each of them are. And also gives you a sense of the kind of company Nubia keeps. PERSONAL KREW Being the head of the largest pirate organization...
  • Nivan, The Master of Arms of Heaven's Fall

    Nivan, The Master of Arms of Heaven's Fall

    The Killer Krew is Komplete! Last, but certainly not last is Nivan. The Master of Arms. Literally. Her love of weapons is unparalleled. And perhaps, a bit personal.
  • La'Skrin, The Master of Tactics of Heaven's Fall

    La'Skrin, The Master of Tactics of Heaven's Fall

    The Warrior Poet He's done! The giant beast of a man known as La'Skrin. Don't let the size fool you though, La'Skrin is just as much poet as a pirate. Drawn by the awesome T'umo Mere, it's nice to see the biggest member of Killer Krew! A bit from World Anvil:  As is the tradition for the Killer Krew, La'Skrin is a silent man. An enormous...
  • Alara, Second in Command of Heaven's Fall

    Alara, Second in Command of Heaven's Fall

    The Right Hand of the Pirate King The Killer Krew continues to assemble! The art for the second most powerful pirate in the world is done. Alara, the Second in Command of the greatest pirate fleet around. Of the entire crew, Alara's history with Nubia is the most known. The one-armed second in command has managed to achieve a goal thought impossible. To be...
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