• Nubia Pixel Art

    Nubia Pixel Art

    The King of the Sea in Pixel Form To round out the last of the pixel art by Songoanda is, of course, the King of Heaven's Fall herself, Nubia! It's been a LOT of fun seeing these iconic characters come to life in pixel form. Over time I definitely plan to do more of these. From Patreon The last of the Killer Krew is...
  • La'Skrin Pixel Art

    La'Skrin Pixel Art

    The Warrior Poet in Pixel Form The next piece of pixel art is here! This time it's the big man of the Killer Krew, La'Skrin! Drawn by the pixel master, Songoanda, this pixel piece is awesome! As usual, he was really able to capture the essence of the character.  A bit about La'Skrin from World Anvil: Master of Tactics, La'SkrinAs is the tradition for...
  • Nivan Pixel Art

    Nivan Pixel Art

    The Pixelated Weaponsmaster The march toward a pixel invasion continues! This time with the pixel art version of Nivan from the legendary Killer Krew. The masked whirlwind is a master of all weapons, and now, pixels! The piece is drawn by Songoanda. A bit about Alara from World Anvil:  Of the entire crew, Alara's history with Nubia is the most known. The one-armed second...
  • Alara Pixel Art

    Alara Pixel Art

    The 32-bit Second in Command I'm a big fan of pixel art, so when I came our graphic designer Taylor Ruddle showed off some art he had commissioned by Songoanda. Well, I knew I needed some for Swordsfall! We'll do some fun stuff with them in the future. From Patreon: So I Taylor had some pixel art done of him by an artist and...
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