• Garuda - The Rolling Stones

    Garuda - The Rolling Stones

    The Twin View of Adras and Ilun Another piece from Garuda is here! You've heard much talk about the Ilun Valley and the Adras Mountain Range, well now you can see it. I asked Sabina Lewis to come up with an illustration to show the beauty of Garuda! More landscaping!  As we near the end of Garuda I wanted you to see the majesty...
  • Garuda - The Dinner Party

    Garuda - The Dinner Party

    A View of the Party One of the things I want to showcase when it comes to Swordsfall is how this is not a medieval fantasy. Just because you see trees doesn't mean its devoid of life, culture or advancement. This amazing piece from Sabina Lewis shows the interior of a Karu gathering hall. These huge spaces can accommodate hundreds of people. It's a...
  • Garuda Forest City

    Garuda Forest City

    Waterfalls of Life It's a great day when there's new art to see! The land of Garuda continues to come together via the mastery of Sabina Lewis. This piece shows the beauty of Garuda. I wanted a piece to show how the Karu have advanced their society while respecting nature. Imagine being able to see that scene from your window. It's the kind of...
  • Garuda: Ilun Valley Preview

    Garuda: Ilun Valley Preview

    A Taste of Nature This time we're zooming out so you can see the awesome, luscious forestry that is Garuda! Sooo pretty. Sabina is killing it as usual. It's super close to being done. Now it's just about filling in the details. An overview of Garuda. OVERVIEWThe land known as Garuda consists mainly of large grasslands and various forested areas. The northern edge of the...
  • Garuda Night Festival

    Garuda Night Festival

    A Violet Moon Lights the Night We have another piece of Garuda landscape upon us! The fantastic Sabina Lewis has been hard at work on a gorgeous night scene from the land of Garuda. And not just anywhere, but in the Ilun Valley, one of the most picturesque areas in the region. Amazing work as usual from Sabina! The land known as Garuda consists mainly of...
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