• Ishvana, the Creator Goddess

    Ishvana, the Creator Goddess

    The Creator of Tikor The full-body illustration of Ishvana is done and it's amazing! I just love all the little detail like the galaxy in her wings. It really fits my idea of a Divine Entity From Patreon And she is done! The great Divine Entity, Ishvana is complete! Oh boy, was it work the wait! Tumo just destroyed this one. From the way...
  • Ishvana Cover Illustration Sheet

    Ishvana Cover Illustration Sheet

    Three Dreams The next step for the Ishvana Illustration is figuring out which option works best for the cover of Drift of Dreams. Art for covers, especially graphic novels, have there own special rules. You always want to go with an image that has motion or emotion. With Ishvana I wanted to do both, so these are the options Tumo Mere came up with!...
  • Ishvana: Illustration Sheet 1

    Ishvana: Illustration Sheet 1

    Options for Creation Our Lead Artist Tumo Mere has worked out a few different concepts for the Ishvana Illustration. I always love getting these sheets because its fun to think of all the possibilities! Even if we don't use a cell, it still remains a future option! From Patreon T'umo cooked up a bit of an illustration sheet to show off Ishvana in action....
  • Nubia, Supreme Commander of Heaven's Fall

    Nubia, Supreme Commander of Heaven's Fall

    Uncrowned King of the Grand Divide Last but certainly not least, the head of Killer Krew is here! Nubia, the Supreme Commander of Heaven's Fall is in full form! Lead Artist T'umo Mere did it again with another amazing art piece. With this, the Killer Krew is complete! I really wanted to showcase an independent force in the world. And don't forget, if you...
  • Ryuu-jin, the Father of the Dracon

    Ryuu-jin, the Father of the Dracon

    Ryuu-jin, the Father of the Dracon, Founder of Vinyata and First of the Wretched Ones It's finally time!The final version of Ryuu-jin, the first Wretched One to be illustrated! This comes from the famous Jonah Lobe, the creator of the vaulted dragons in Skyrim. The way the earth seems to come off the dragon and circle it is just awesome.This piece is just amazing. Needless...
  • Garuda - The Rolling Stones

    Garuda - The Rolling Stones

    The Twin View of Adras and Ilun Another piece from Garuda is here! You've heard much talk about the Ilun Valley and the Adras Mountain Range, well now you can see it. I asked Sabina Lewis to come up with an illustration to show the beauty of Garuda! More landscaping!  As we near the end of Garuda I wanted you to see the majesty...
  • Garuda - The Dinner Party

    Garuda - The Dinner Party

    A View of the Party One of the things I want to showcase when it comes to Swordsfall is how this is not a medieval fantasy. Just because you see trees doesn't mean its devoid of life, culture or advancement. This amazing piece from Sabina Lewis shows the interior of a Karu gathering hall. These huge spaces can accommodate hundreds of people. It's a...
  • Drift of Dreams Sample - Kameron White

    Drift of Dreams Sample - Kameron White

    Enkai Watches This sample from Drift of Dreams is a different view from some of the rest. In this piece, we see the living mountain Enkai in the background. A nightmare vision of the mountain coming to life for retribution. This awesome piece is from the incredible Kameron White. Drift of Dreams will be a 100+ page full-color graphic novel set within the Swordsfall universe....
  • Garuda Night Festival

    Garuda Night Festival

    A Violet Moon Lights the Night We have another piece of Garuda landscape upon us! The fantastic Sabina Lewis has been hard at work on a gorgeous night scene from the land of Garuda. And not just anywhere, but in the Ilun Valley, one of the most picturesque areas in the region. Amazing work as usual from Sabina! The land known as Garuda consists mainly of...
  • The Killer Krew Full Illustration

    The Killer Krew Full Illustration

    A Killer Krew. A Tight Krew The whole krew is together for the first time in a beautiful illustration! Brought to you by the amazing T'umo Mere in full and rich color. So here they are, taking over the seas and hearts! PERSONAL KREW Being the head of the largest pirate organization of the seas doesn’t mean you can just lounge while others work....
  • Deth, The Unknown Reaper and Saytin

    Deth, The Unknown Reaper and Saytin

    The Oldest Reaper Meets The Unkillable One The final art for Deth and Saytin is out! And they look so amazing! Who are Deth and Saytin, you ask? Glad you asked. Welcome to a new pair of iconic characters from Swordsfall! This time brought to you by the talented Venus Bambisa!  Deth and Saytin are an unlikely deathly duo. And frankly, not one Deth...
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