• Nubia Pixel Art

    Nubia Pixel Art

    The King of the Sea in Pixel Form To round out the last of the pixel art by Songoanda is, of course, the King of Heaven's Fall herself, Nubia! It's been a LOT of fun seeing these iconic characters come to life in pixel form. Over time I definitely plan to do more of these. From Patreon The last of the Killer Krew is...
  • Nubia, Supreme Commander of Heaven's Fall

    Nubia, Supreme Commander of Heaven's Fall

    Uncrowned King of the Grand Divide Last but certainly not least, the head of Killer Krew is here! Nubia, the Supreme Commander of Heaven's Fall is in full form! Lead Artist T'umo Mere did it again with another amazing art piece. With this, the Killer Krew is complete! I really wanted to showcase an independent force in the world. And don't forget, if you...
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