• Keeping up with the Swordsfalls

    Keeping up with the Swordsfalls

    Cause Algorithms are Whack For Swordsfall I primarily post to Twitter (@Swordsfall1). It's been the social media platform that I've had the most success with and engagement. However, over the last month, I've noticed a decrease in engagement. Oh No, I thought! So I increased my post rate, made sure to talk to almost every commenter and posted art during my peak times. Yet,...
  • Reggie Savage

    Reggie Savage

    A Lyrical Beast I said I'd have another Jalen and its time! This one brought to you by Joshua "TheKodo" Small from the Drift of Dreams team! Reggie Savage is a pioneer in the profession and a steady fixture at The Summit of Kings. From Patreon Drift of Dreams artist, Joshua Small has delivered an awesome piece for Swordsfall! This time its one of...
  • Ella King

    Ella King

    Queen of Soul Drift of Dream artist, Queen Beanie has come up with another creation for Swordsfall. This time it's one of the most famous Jalens in the world, Ella King!  From Patreon The first piece of art for a short Swordsfall adventure is here! Drawn by QueenBeanie! Ella is a one of the top Jalen's around, her strength and will makes her voice...
  • Ishvana, the Creator Goddess

    Ishvana, the Creator Goddess

    The Creator of Tikor The full-body illustration of Ishvana is done and it's amazing! I just love all the little detail like the galaxy in her wings. It really fits my idea of a Divine Entity From Patreon And she is done! The great Divine Entity, Ishvana is complete! Oh boy, was it work the wait! Tumo just destroyed this one. From the way...
  • Ishvana: Illustration Sheet 1

    Ishvana: Illustration Sheet 1

    Options for Creation Our Lead Artist Tumo Mere has worked out a few different concepts for the Ishvana Illustration. I always love getting these sheets because its fun to think of all the possibilities! Even if we don't use a cell, it still remains a future option! From Patreon T'umo cooked up a bit of an illustration sheet to show off Ishvana in action....
  • Ishvana Front and Back Concept

    Ishvana Front and Back Concept

    The Goddess Comes Into View Tumo Mere continues on his trek to design the Creation Goddess, Ishvana! In this Patreon Exclusive, you can check out the black and white concept! For Ishvana we really wanted to show just how DIFFERENT she is. I think when you see the front and back and you can see how unique she is. Head to the Patreon for...
  • The Emperor Tarot Card - Nubia

    The Emperor Tarot Card - Nubia

    The Emperor of the Deck. The King of the Sea. Nubia. FluorescentWolf has crafted another awesome tarot card for the Drift of Dreams Tarot Deck. This one is The Emperor. It had to be Nubia, I couldn't think of anyone better to represent the card. Keep checking the website as the rest of the cards are constructed! From Patreon The second Tarot card is...
  • Xavian Color Concept

    Xavian Color Concept

    The Withering King in Technicolor Legendary artist Chris Cold has started working on the color for the Xavian cover art for Drift of Dreams! I love how the color is vibrant yet subtle, which fits the whole Xavian motif! From Patreon Chris Cold continues to develop the Withering King himself! I really love the work he's doing with it. I asked him to make...
  • Papa Tritop Linework

    Papa Tritop Linework

    The Father of Cuteness So what does the big poppa of the cute pink lil Tritop look like? Well, Wayne Spencer has drawn it up and he looks REGAL. The little pink dinosaur in Wayne's sample received a ton of comments. "WHAT IS THE PINK DINOSAUR? SO CUTE?? I WANNA SQUISH 'EM" Of course, I had to do more of it! But can't have...
  • Xavian Concept Art

    Xavian Concept Art

    The Withering King Emerges The name Xavian is one you hear often in Swordsfall but hasn't been seen yet. That is until now! I tapped the famous artist, Chris Cold, to draw the corruption god for the cover of Drift of Dreams. When it comes to creepy, horrifying art, Chris Cold is THAT dude. I wanted Xavian to have a feeling weird feeling. Something...
  • Drift of Dreams Sample - Kameron White

    Drift of Dreams Sample - Kameron White

    Enkai Watches This sample from Drift of Dreams is a different view from some of the rest. In this piece, we see the living mountain Enkai in the background. A nightmare vision of the mountain coming to life for retribution. This awesome piece is from the incredible Kameron White. Drift of Dreams will be a 100+ page full-color graphic novel set within the Swordsfall universe....
  • Drift of Dreams Sample - Joshua Smalls

    Drift of Dreams Sample - Joshua Smalls

    A Warrior in the Desert The samples from the upcoming graphic novel, Drift of Dreams, continues to stream in. This amazing sample comes from the talented Joshua Smalls! This piece pictures a warrior as he returns from the Vinyata. The dreams of a Vinyatian soldier. Drift of Dreams will be a 100+ page full-color graphic novel set within the Swordsfall universe. Within these pages, you...
  • Drift of Dreams Sample - Morgan Madeline

    Drift of Dreams Sample - Morgan Madeline

    The Seeker Has Arrived Enter, The Seeker, the protagonist of Drift of Dreams, drawn by the marvelous Morgan Madeline. Their full name is Nadine Darkshore but no one refers to them by that name. When it comes to diving into The Tapestry there is no one better. In fact, no one even truly knows there face. The Seeker spends all there time in the...
  • Drift of Dreams Sample - Wayne Spencer

    Drift of Dreams Sample - Wayne Spencer

    A Girl and her Tritop Today's Drift of Dreams sample is extra cute! Drawn by the epic Wayne Spencer, this cute scene shows off what some dream of on Tikor. The cute adorable pink creature is known as a Tritop, and this young one has quite taken to the young girl in the picture. It's the sort of set up that cute buddy movies...
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