• Yobida Color Concept

    Yobida Color Concept

    The Fire of Tikor, Corrupted Another Wretched One has erupted in vibrant color! Yobida is special among The Wretched Ones. He's known for his exceptional fiercioty and unimaginably hot flames. Master creature creator Jonah Lobe is behind this dragon just like Ryuu-jin! From Patreon The second of The Wretched Ones, Yobida, is here! The leader of the Wretched Ones, the former flame elemental and...
  • Ryuu-jin, the Father of the Dracon

    Ryuu-jin, the Father of the Dracon

    Ryuu-jin, the Father of the Dracon, Founder of Vinyata and First of the Wretched Ones It's finally time!The final version of Ryuu-jin, the first Wretched One to be illustrated! This comes from the famous Jonah Lobe, the creator of the vaulted dragons in Skyrim. The way the earth seems to come off the dragon and circle it is just awesome.This piece is just amazing. Needless...
  • Ryuu-Jin Concept Art

    Ryuu-Jin Concept Art

    The Former Earth Elemental Turned Wretched The first of The Wretched Ones is here! The former Earth Elemental who remembered who he was, Ryuu-jin. The amazing creature is being designed by Jonah Lobe. RYUUJINFormer Earth Elemental. Ryuujin betrayed his brood during the battle for the Tikor. He reconnected with the earth, causing his memories to come back. His whereabouts are currently unknown, he disappeared...
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