• Deth, The Unknown Reaper and Saytin

    Deth, The Unknown Reaper and Saytin

    The Oldest Reaper Meets The Unkillable One The final art for Deth and Saytin is out! And they look so amazing! Who are Deth and Saytin, you ask? Glad you asked. Welcome to a new pair of iconic characters from Swordsfall! This time brought to you by the talented Venus Bambisa!  Deth and Saytin are an unlikely deathly duo. And frankly, not one Deth...
  • Deth Face Concept Sheet

    Deth Face Concept Sheet

    The Faces of Deth Venus Bambisa is working on the face composition for Deth. I asked them to work in a bit of a ghost mask into it. It seemed like a cool idea from one of the concepts. In the end, I didn't do any of the ghost-like masks, it just didn't fit what I wanted in the character. It always sucks when...
  • Deth and Saytin Concept Art

    Deth and Saytin Concept Art

    Two New Characters Arrive on Tikor! The early concepts for the characters Deth and Saytin are here! Drawn by Venus Bambisa, they are an amusing addition to Swordsfall.   Deth is one of the most reserved deities in Garuda. HIs name is known to few. While he's considered the highest and most powerful of Spirit Deities, he rarely deals with general affairs. Instead, his...
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