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A new piece of art is on the horizon! If you're an Invoker+ Patreon member, you can peek at the concept design for the Pirate Lord, Nubia!

Hello everyone!

Get ready for a long series of drops as I settle back into my Patreon groove! The concept work for the central character, Nubia, has begun. This piece I'm only releasing to the Invoker+ tier because it's truly concept art.

The next design sheet will look quite different from this, but I think it's cool for you all to see the design process. For Nubia it's all about pirate meets king. She has a sense of strength that borders on nobility, but she also has a savage side befitting a Corsair.

The ones we don't use for Nubia will end up being used for other characters!

Enjoy matey!


To see the concept art head to Patreon

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