Nubia, Supreme Commander of Heaven's Fall


Uncrowned King of the Grand Divide

Last but certainly not least, the head of Killer Krew is here! Nubia, the Supreme Commander of Heaven's Fall is in full form! Lead Artist T'umo Mere did it again with another amazing art piece.

With this, the Killer Krew is complete! I really wanted to showcase an independent force in the world. And don't forget, if you backed Welcome to Tikor, then you have a small Nubia comic coming!

A bit about Nubia from World Anvil:


With Nubia as Captain now, the small time crew continually punched above their weight as they carved out a territory and seized larger ships with each raid. Before long, her crew included a dozen ships and over 100 bloodthirsty, greedy pirates. On top of that she's grown a loyal crew by hitting the richest ships and offering any servants, slaves or malcontents work and safe passage. With Nubia at the helm, the seas of Grimnest and more, belong to black and white flag of Heaven's Fall.

For Behind the Scenes art from Nubia check here

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