Ishvana, the Creator Goddess


The Creator of Tikor

The full-body illustration of Ishvana is done and it's amazing! I just love all the little detail like the galaxy in her wings. It really fits my idea of a Divine Entity

From Patreon

And she is done!

The great Divine Entity, Ishvana is complete! Oh boy, was it work the wait! Tumo just destroyed this one. From the way the hands are put together like a sun to the universe in her wings.

It was really important to me that the Divine Entities have a distinct none humanoid shape. They are NOT human. 

We just have some things in common with them. Like a human and a fish both have a mouth. But that doesn't make us the same.

So with Ishvana, you have features like her feet being what we would think of as roots. Does that mean her body works like a tree? Or were trees a small scale version of what she is? Or is it none of the above?

I want it to feel like if you say them in the physical realm it almost breaks your mind trying to wrap your mind around it.

For the Ishvana Concept art head to Patreon!


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