Garuda - The Dinner Party


A View of the Party

One of the things I want to showcase when it comes to Swordsfall is how this is not a medieval fantasy. Just because you see trees doesn't mean its devoid of life, culture or advancement.

This amazing piece from Sabina Lewis shows the interior of a Karu gathering hall. These huge spaces can accommodate hundreds of people. It's a place not just for the wealthy. During events, you can find people from all walks of life. All of them dressed to the max.

From Patreon:

And another Sabina Lewis landscape piece is finished! In this scene you can see how gorgeous the interior of a Karu building is.

I wanted people to remember that this is NOT medieval fantasy. They just have a philosophy that lends them to a minimalist style. 

When its time have a ball though, they know how to party!


For more Garuda art check here

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