Drift of Dreams Sample - Tanni Brown


The Seamripper by Tanni Brown

The Seamripper Is Awake

From the mind and hands of the talented Tanni Brown comes a central character from the upcoming graphic novel, Drift of Dreams!

The Seamripper is the name of the first Dreamweaver to ever fall under Xavian's Touch. The wicked connection is what allowed Xavian to invade The tapestry in the first place. 

The battle for The Tapestry is here, and the Seamripper is on the side of Xavian, The Withering King.

Drift of Dreams will be a 100+ page full-color graphic novel set within the Swordsfall universe. Within these pages, you will find stories from people across Tikor, caught in the struggle for power between ancient beings. It's a struggle that humans never asked for, yet are nevertheless entangled in. Where once Tikor the battlefield, it's now in the theater of the mind. A dreamworld where humans have all the power, and yet none.

Some humans revel in the chance to fight against the corruption that threatens to break the dreamworld. When the Dreamweavers awaken them, they use their dreams and push back against Xavian.


For more about the graphic novel Drift of Dreams head here.

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