Drift of Dreams - A Swordsfall Graphic Novel Announced


Drift of Dreams - A Swordsfall Graphic Novel

"Wake up Dreamer, or let your Nightmares become your Fate"

The Withering King Xavian has somehow spread his corruption The Tapestry, the connected network of slumbering humans. His corruption causes dreams to turn and twist where they normally would not. Turning a normal dream into a sinister nightmare capable of twisting the mortal soul into something else.

Dreamweavers from around the world have banded together in an effort to stem the tide. The only way to push Xavian away and out of The Tapestry is through the combined might of human consciousness. This means that the Dreamweavers must enter the dreams of slumbering humans and wake them within their dreams.

Only once people are awake can they affect their dreams and push back against the corrupting forces of Xavian.

Or do they? For some, the darkness is inviting and the corruption is wanted. Some who awake from their dream slumber decide to slide into the darkness with Xavian as their master.

Who will rule The Tapestry?

Drift of Dreams wll be a 100+ page full-color graphic novel set within the Swordsfall universe. Within these pages, you will find stories from people across Tikor, caught between the struggle between ancient beings of power.Some humans revel in the chance to fight against the corruption that threatens to break the dreamworld. When the Dreamweavers awaken them, they grab their dreams and push back against Xavian.Others, on the other hand, find themselves pulled to the dark seduction of The Withering King. Which one of their darkest nightmares are actually there greatest wish? Xavian knows, and he shows them visions of thinks yet taken.

Will they Help or Hinder?

To illustrate this one of a kind of book, a crack group of artists of color have been assembled. Much of there work you've seen elsewhere.

  • Bex Glendining
  • Bre Babikian
  • Joshua Small
  • Kameron White
  • Morgan Madeline
  • Omotola Oyefodunrin
  • Sonya Henar
  • Tanni Brown

And possibly more to come. The bigger the project, the more artists and pages to come.

Drift of Dreams will have TWO covers to pick from. The Goddess of Creation, Ishvana or The Withering King, Xavian.

  • The Ishvana cover will be drawn by Swordsfall Lead Artist, T'umo Mere.
  • The Xavian cover will be drawn by legendary Artist, Chris Cold.

The most popular cover will determine which god wins the battle for The Tapestry with special inserts showing their victory through The Tapestry.

Will you patron Ishvana or Xavian?

Kickstarter starts on July 16th! Sign up here to get notifications when it goes live!

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