World Anvil - Mime, the Deity of Wisdom


Who was Mime? Read about the beacon of wisdom in Garuda that was loved by all.

The origins of the goddess of Mime starts like so many others deities of Garuda, born from a feather of the Great Phoenix, Garuyda. While Mime wasn’t the first deity born, that would be the god of battle, Cadmus, the depths of her knowledge and wisdom quickly exceeded the eldest child.

The legends say a phoenix feather floated the highest set of peaks in what would later be known as the Adras Mountains. The tales call these peaks, the Cloudtops, named after the way the clouds cut off the top of the mountain summit when viewed from the ground. It’s in these vast and remote mountains that Mime learned about the world and its hidden secrets, only coming to the central lands hundreds of years after her birth.

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