• World Anvil - Outskirts of Vinyata

    World Anvil - Outskirts of Vinyata

    The Western Edge of Central Vinyata I had time to get another World Anvil Summercamp 2019 prompt out. For this one I wanted to travel to Vinyata and show off that region more. People think about the inhospitable parts of a desert first, so I figured let's get that out the way. Here's a taste: FURTHEST SOUTH  The overall area of Vinyata is split...
  • World Anvil - Dreamweaver

    World Anvil - Dreamweaver

    To Bring Balance To  Dreams, They Never Sleep Time for some lore via World Anvil! This time we talk about the illustrious profession, Dreamweavers! The dreams of those on Tikor are more than just random mental projections. An order of Diviners protects the connected landscape of slumber for a greater purpose. Here's a sample...   SLEEPY ORIGINS The See'er of old would tell a...
  • World Anvil - Sacred Trees

    World Anvil - Sacred Trees

    More than just trees, they are guarded by Tikor itself The second prompt from this year's Summer Camp is here! For this one I wanted to dive more into the environment and a little lore around it.   GREEN TREASURES Within the green lands of Garuda there lies something more treasured than Azurean or gems. A variety of trees venerated above all living life in the...
  • World Anvil - Killer Krew

    World Anvil - Killer Krew

    The Pirate Lord Nubia requires a certain kind of crew to disembark with. Totally Loyal. Totally Krazy. The Killer Krew. Check out a sample from the World Anvil page!
  • World Anvil - The Vinyatian-Garudian Conflict

    World Anvil - The Vinyatian-Garudian Conflict

      An Ageless Conflict The conflict between the northern nation of Garuda and the southern nation of Vinyata has been brewing for over a millennium. How did they get here?    WRETCHED START The conflict between Vinyata and Garuda runs deep. In fact, the struggle traces all the way back to the origins of Tikor itself. When the corruption god, Xavian, came to drain the young planet of its lifeforce, he set off...
  • World Anvil - Shadowtail

    World Anvil - Shadowtail

    The exact origin of shadow invocation is still a mystery. Some researchers have said the originators wanted to stay anonymous, not wanting to be associated with the dark art they had created. The most cited rumor is that it was an invocation gone wrong.  
  • World Anvil - Mime, the Deity of Wisdom

    World Anvil - Mime, the Deity of Wisdom

    The divine embodiment of Wisdom in the lands of Garuda, Mime. Over the millennia, she has become known for instilling intelligence and thought to the people of Garuda. 
  • World Anvil - The Divine Order of the Phoenix

    World Anvil - The Divine Order of the Phoenix

    An organization of houses chosen by The Divinity to rule the land of the Phoenix. 
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