• World Anvil - Dreamweaver

    World Anvil - Dreamweaver

    To Bring Balance To  Dreams, They Never Sleep Time for some lore via World Anvil! This time we talk about the illustrious profession, Dreamweavers! The dreams of those on Tikor are more than just random mental projections. An order of Diviners protects the connected landscape of slumber for a greater purpose. Here's a sample...   SLEEPY ORIGINS The See'er of old would tell a...
  • Youtube - A Professional is You, But Better

    Youtube - A Professional is You, But Better

    Curious about Professions? What makes one a "Professional"? Well, Brandon broke it down a little bit on yesterday's Twitch stream. Luckily, we've decided to start archiving these videos on Youtube.
  • The Professions of Tikor

    The Professions of Tikor

    So, if you remember back last month I did a reveal of all the professions from Swordsfall. Well, I finally got around to putting them all together in an Imgur file!
  • World Anvil - Shadowtail

    World Anvil - Shadowtail

    The exact origin of shadow invocation is still a mystery. Some researchers have said the originators wanted to stay anonymous, not wanting to be associated with the dark art they had created. The most cited rumor is that it was an invocation gone wrong.  
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